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People Management: 5 Tips to Make Your Team Amazing 

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People management can become a cornerstone part of any company. It all depends on whether your organization also dares to bet on people. Keeping employees satisfied is not only about good benefits or salary. Also, measures to support the growth, well-being and skills of the workers themselves must be taken into account. They are essential keys to the success of any people manager. 

Various studies of consultancies like Gallup, indicate that maintaining policies to strengthen the commitment of workers, makes companies 21 % more profitable. That is where people management becomes relevant. 

At Ninja Excel we care about people, their training and helping you as a person in charge of the people or Human Resources area to maximize the potential of all your staff.

That is why our team has prepared the following article, where we will explain in detail easy way the definition of people management, we will analyze its key components and you will know the tasks that people managers must perform, to guarantee the growth and well-being of both employees and the company.

People Management: definition

Strictly speaking, people management or human talent management is defined as the set of strategies, policies and practices that an organization will implement to manage and maximize its human capital

Part of the goal in people management is for the company to achieve corporate objectives. This goal must be aligned with the objective that workers achieve their development and well-being. This way, The development of workers in the personal and professional sphere is placed at the center. 

In accordance with Spiceworks, people management should be focused “on talent acquisition, talent optimization, and talent retention, while providing ongoing support for the business and guidance for an organization’s current workers.” 

What are the processes in people management?: 10 important tasks 

To execute initiatives in people management, the following processes can be improved in an organization:

Why is it important to have policies for people management? 

A good people management policy will increase staff retention, and therefore, reduce turnover rate. It is also important because it increases and strengthens worker commitment and the efficiency of personnel processes. Let's go one by one.


Retention in the job is one of the most relevant aspects to corroborate how effective a people management policy is being. 

A higher retention rate may indicate greater disaffection with the leadership of senior managers, communication problems, work overload, low salaries, among other causes. 


It complements the previous factor. A high commitment to work and the organization itself is a consequence of a good people management policy.  

Process efficiency

Getting to know the staff is know your skills, strengths and knowing how to enhance them. People management also participates in this objective thanks to, for example, training and education measures.  

Skills that every people manager should know

Those in charge of the people management area or who must lead a series of policies and practices. In this way, the personnel manager must have a series of essential skills and characteristics. In accordance with BetterUp these are: 


It is essential that there are spaces for empathy. It can be by providing feedback or delegating tasks. In this way, you can better understand what drives and challenges another person.

Active listening

It is essential to listen to workers and equipment. In this way, by knowing their needs, you will have new ideas to apply in the organization. You will also know which processes or communication channels to improve. Quarterly surveys, 1:1 meetings, are instances that will help encourage active listening. 


Each person is different. Therefore, each worker has different needs and drivers. In addition, the nature of the company, the work day, the workplace or the relationship dynamics between team members will shape the different solutions.  

Organizational aptitude

People management involves many people. Therefore, we suggest creating an agenda for meetings, immediately following up on communications and using project management tools are an effective method for managing people. 

5 key tips to maintain good people management

Lead by example

Leaders in people management can set the tone with good practices. For example, developing skills such as empathy or resilience at work shows people how they should try to behave in the workplace. 

Meet and connect with team members

Knowing and understanding each person's unique personality and motivations allows leaders to connect with people on a personal level. In this way, you can strategically maximize your work potential.

Communicate with respect

Effective and considered communication is the basis of any type of relationship. This is how it is recommended that encouraging people and managers to practice active listening generates trust and healthy interpersonal connections, which promote a positive culture and encourage productivity. Additionally, active listening helps leaders obtain insights relevant to the daily lives of employees. 

Conflict resolution

It is never advisable to leave tensions under the rug. Leaders must take actions to resolve conflicts and reach agreements. This can largely be influenced by type of leadership that exists in an organization. 

Opportunity to develop skills  

The people area is indicated to promote training instances. People management is responsible for looking for skills gaps. And, if so, create policies training and education for the benefit of the person and company. 


People management is a fundamental element for the success and sustainability of any organization today. Thus, as we evolve toward more complex and diverse work environments, companies must recognize the importance of cultivating strong and productive relationships with their employees.

Effective people management focuses on understanding and meeting individual employee needs, while fostering a collaborative and respectful work environment. Therefore, it involves providing opportunities for growth and development, promoting open and transparent communication, and establishing fair and equitable policies and practices.

When investing in By managing people, organizations can reap a number of significant benefits. In fact, this includes higher productivity and performance, higher talent retention, greater employee satisfaction and engagement, and a positive reputation in the labor market. Furthermore, good people management contributes to building a solid organizational culture, based on shared values and a common vision.

As we saw in the note, people management covers a wide range of practices, from effective recruitment and selection to talent development, motivation, retention, workplace well-being and training. This last aspect is key for the skill development be an essential element for every person. To achieve this goal, Ninja Excel is the strategic ally in Excel training for companies. 

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