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E-learning: the methodology of modern education

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E-Learning is an increasingly used term, which makes a lot of sense if we think that the pandemic changed the world we knew. With it came not only disinfectant and masks, but also new ways of entertainment, working and, above all, learning. This caused learning to become digitalized and since then, e-Learning took on more and more prominence. The surprising thing is that even though the virus is now controlled, online learning remains the preference for many. 

In fact, as stated Thinkific, this change appears to be permanent, as the demand for e-Learning continued to increase in 2021 and 2022.

To learn more about this methodology, its benefits and how you can apply it in your team training, keep reading.

E-Learning What is it?

E-Learning or online learning is a learning methodology that is done 100% through the Internet. Generally, e-Learning can be done at any time and from any convenient location, since only one thing is required: an internet connection.

The fact of being able to take learning from anywhere in the world, provides a series of benefits for both workers and the company

Among the benefits for collaborators are

  • Choose the time you prefer to take the lessons.
  • Take classes at home, work or place you prefer. 
  • Save travel time.
  • Development and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
  • Self-management of learning.

Regarding the company, among the advantages that can be achieved by training in e-Learning methodology are:

  • Less resistance to training.
  • Less management time.
  • Savings on catering and transportation of collaborators

According to Global Market Insights, this methodology has helped large organizations train quickly, reducing the time and effort of the training itself. In this way, various platforms have been developed that solve this demand that is only increasing. 

Types of online education 

Due to how much e-learning has diversified, there are currently different types of online classes that respond to various needs. Among them you can find:

  • e-Learning: These are platforms that are completely remote and the connection is made through the internet. The entire process is done digitally and no other types of instances are needed.
  • b-Learning: Also known as hybrid learning. This system mixes online classes with some in-person sessions.
  • m-Learning: It is a learning system through the cell phone. It usually has capsules with short-lived content.
Comparative table of types of elearning education

Examples of e-Learning platforms 

You can find e-Learning platforms for all types of areas and specific tools. From mentors that help the development of soft skills, to platforms aimed at training specific tools, such as Ninja Excel

Among the most popular e-Learning platforms in Spanish, you find:

  • Ninja Excel: if you want your collaborators to learn Excel remotely, this is your platform. It has online classes and Microsoft Certified Trainers. In addition, it has an administration system that quickly helps analyze the progress of each enrollee.
  • Domestika: is a website that contains various online courses. Courses in architecture, marketing, design, fashion, web design and more are available there.
  • Open English: is an online language learning platform. Initially it only had English courses. However, currently he also added French, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Udemy: This platform has online courses on various topics in its catalog. Among them, you can find courses in design, development, marketing, IT, business, photography and more.
  • Coder House: it is an online class page where you can learn different things. Initially stood out for its courses 
  • Duolingo: Duolingo is a platform for learning languages. It is 100% online and you can access courses in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Catalan, Guaraní, Swedish or Esperanto.
  • Crehana: online course platform. From marketing classes to illustration, leadership, personal development, digital transformation and more are available.
  • Platzi: is a website that has online courses in the digital field. In its catalog there are courses in development and engineering, English, marketing, leadership, design and UX, business and entrepreneurship and more.

Now you know the most important e-Learning courses in Spanish, however, how do you know what your team needs? In that sense, we recommend that you move forward first with a DNC, better known as Training Needs Detection, to ensure that you train your collaborators in something they really need and maximize the impact of the process. You can read more about it here

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