Sence and the tax exemption

Known how to train your teams with the benefits of the tax exemption of Sence

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What is Sense?

The Sense is an organization of the Ministry of Labor of Chile that seeks to support and develop company employees through different initiatives.

One of them is the tax exemption. Learn to use it to train your collaborators and obtain a tax benefit

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What requirements must my company meet to train with SENCE?

To do a SENCE training you must meet these three conditions:

First Category IBS

Be a company contributing to the First Category SII

Taxable Remunerations

Annual taxable remuneration return exceeding 35 UTM

Forecast Quotes

Preliminary contributions of your collaborators paid

Why train your collaborators in Excel via SENCE?

Improve the skills of your teams and drive the growth of your company:

*London Love Business.
**RHI survey.

Why train with Ninja Excel?

Our platform is based on the best learning methodologies, giving the collaborator a practical environment to learn and receive feedback in real time, this translates into greater productivity, agility and notable improvement in the skills of your collaborators.


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