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OTEC, OTIC, Sence: With Pears and Apples

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Have you heard of OTEC, OTIC, Sence, CBC, EyCCL? With all these words and abbreviations it is normal to get confused. Today we will help you translate all these terms so that you can handle yourself backwards and forwards with the benefit of the tax exemption. If you don't know it yet, don't worry, we'll explain it to you.

However, before entering the world of tax exemption, it is necessary to start with the most basic. Below, we present the glossary that we have prepared so that you can understand all the abbreviations later.

Training Glossary


Acronym that means Bipartite Training Committee. This is a legal instrument of dialogue and is made up of representatives of the company and workers. In this instance, the aim is to create an annual training program, which increases the level of support for the tax exemption.


It is the abbreviation of Capacitation needs' detection. This is a study that analyzes what tools or skills that workers really need to be able to perform their jobs better.


Evaluation and Certification of Labor Skills. This is a process by which workers can demonstrate their knowledge and/or skills acquired in any occupational profile of the Job Skills Catalog.


Means Electronic Class Book. It is an instrument used to measure attendance if training is done in person.


Technical Training Organization, by its acronym OTEC, is an institution accredited by Sence (National Training and Employment Service) to provide job training. 


An OTIC is a Intermediate Technical Organization for Training, which is an entity validated by Sence that offers technical support to companies to organize and supervise training, evaluation and/or certification programs for work skills.


National Training and Employment Service. It is an organization created in 1976 to support and develop workers through different initiatives. 


Labor Competence Unit. It is a standard that describes the skills and knowledge that a collaborator must perform in their job.

Now that you know the main abbreviations regarding training, it's time to use all this information and terminology to boost your organization's collaborators. As? Through the benefit of tax exemption.

To learn more about how this benefit works, you can read more here. However, we have also created a quick guide that will help you will guide you step by step to use the tax exemption in the training of your collaborators. You can download our quick guide here. 

Download quick guide Step by Step Sence

Form CTA

Frequent questions 

Why do companies train through OTEC?

Companies train through OTEC to obtain the tax benefit granted by Sence through tax exemption. This is that organizations that train their collaborators through this system, They can deduct up to 1% from the annual payroll, to the income tax of the following year

What is the difference between OTIC and OTEC?

The main difference between an OTIC and an OTEC is that the OTIC is an entity that manages the processes related to training. However, OTICs do not train collaborators, as if OTECs do..

Why is Ninja Excel the ideal OTEC to take Excel courses in Chile?

Ninja Excel is the ideal OTEC to train collaborators in Microsoft Excel because it is an entity specialized in the tool. It also has a learning by doing methodology, which has a 75% of learning retention, surpassing traditional methods by up to 55%.

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