Privacy Policy

General Background is a website and platform for displaying educational and training content, which has been designed and developed, and is managed and maintained, by the commercial company The Ninja Company SpA, a commercial company legally constituted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Chile, and with legal domicile at Antonio Bellet 77 Office 206, Providencia, Santiago, Chile., copyright © 2020, The Ninja Company SpA. All rights reserved.

This document corresponds to the terms and conditions of use of, as well as the privacy and data management policy of this website and content viewing platform. Through this document, all the conditions of the use of the site and the platform by users are regulated, as well as the conditions of the request, storage, management and use of data collected as a result of the given use. 

This document, once accepted by the user, whether tactically or expressly, becomes a valid and legally binding contract between the user and the company that owns the site and platform, at the time of said acceptance; all of this, in accordance with the current version of the document and the equally applicable legislation, to date, and respectively.

Definitions and terminology

The following concepts, as soon as they are used with their first letter capitalized or capitalized throughout this document, will have the definitions detailed here, for each and every one of the contractual effects between the user and the company that owns the site and platform. :

  1. Platform, refers to the website and content viewing platform regulated by these terms and conditions of use, understood as the set of computer tools and programs, own and integrated from third parties, all intended for the provision of information and systems associated with information. , accessible by people through a telecommunications network (or Internet), according to their domain names or web addresses, thus allowing their location in the respective telecommunications network.
  2. Company, refers to the commercial company that acts at all times as the owner of rights over the Platform, for all legal purposes.
  3. User(s), refers, without distinction, to any natural person, over 18 years of age, and legally capable in accordance with the law that governs these terms and conditions of use, and who makes use of the Platform according to its natural destination, as described in these same terms and conditions of use.
  4. User Account(s), refers to the personal, individual and non-transferable profile of a User on the Platform, so that they can use it, according to these terms and conditions of use.
  5. Use, refers to any act or action by which a User makes effective use of the Platform, in accordance with its functions and functionalities, purposes, and capabilities, all described in these terms and conditions of use.
  6. Terms, refers to this document of terms and conditions of use, and privacy and data management policy, in its version in force at the time of Use by the User.

Function and purpose of the platform

The Platform operates as a website and semi-interactive streaming platform for courses and audiovisual content, produced directly or indirectly by the Company, all of an educational nature, with which it seeks to offer its Users training at different levels of teaching, complexity and difficulty, regarding the use of different computer programs from third parties, unrelated and not affiliated with the Company. 

Privacy and information

Data collection

The Company, in accordance with the permissions granted by the User, may, through the use of the Platform's own tools, integrated into it, and/or installed on the User's devices, collect, store and analyze data generated by such instances of Use, including data such as (but not restricted to), targeted campaigns, emails, or others.

Third party tools

For the Use of the Platform in general, and for the collection of information in particular, the Company could make use of the following third-party tools, whose own privacy policies are understood to be accepted by the User through acceptance of these same Terms. :


These third-party tools may be used by the Company for purposes such as the improvement of the Platform, the integration of promotional and marketing elements, the integration of additional services, the integration of payment methods, the best analysis of data generated in the Use, or other various and related purposes. Refusal to allow the use of these tools, or expressly not accepting the terms and privacy policies of these tools, could lead to all or part of the Platform being inaccessible, in accordance with the limits of liability for the Company established. in terms.

The Company has no control over the terms and privacy policies of these third-party tools, these being the responsibility of each of their respective owners, and updated versions of each of their own terms and conditions can be found through the following links:


Storage and use of information

The data and information collected by the Company, and/or provided by Users, either in the act of registration on the Platform, or as usage data collected at the time of its Use, will be data protected by the Company. The User, through acceptance of the Terms (express or tacit), hereby authorizes the Company to store the information in databases owned and/or owned by the Company itself, or procured by it with third parties. for this purpose. 

The Company will have the right to access this information thus collected without restriction of any kind, but will restrict access to this information by third parties outside the Company to the minimum contractually permitted, depending on each particular case; thus storing, transmitting and processing the information in encrypted form and in accordance with the legal limits that correspond to the management of data and personal information that apply according to the law that governs these Terms at each time. Thus, the Company will be authorized at all times, and in accordance with these Terms, to share and socialize this information, always in a manner restricted to the minimum of useful and necessary information —under a “need to know”—, with these third parties, for the commercial purposes that are pertinent and necessary for the administration and exploitation of the Platform, as its owner and administrator. 

Outside of the use indicated above, and the authorizations for the use of data and personal information detailed in the rest of these Terms, the Company will ensure to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the Users, and for this purpose the information will only be shared with third parties to the extent that there are, in any way, sufficient contractual conditions to guarantee due confidentiality and security of the information.

At the User's request, the Company will provide them with their personal information, indicating the type of data collected, date of collection, storage status, use given to the information, and a copy of the collected data that compose it.

The data and information may be destroyed by the Company, beyond any recovery, reading and/or use, after the closure of the Platform, or after a period of 1 year has expired from the User's last registered Use of the Platform, or from the closing of your User Account.

Data security

The Company internally safeguards the integrity and protection of its Users' information, and in its collection, always verifies that the implementation of data collection applications on the Platform is with those third parties that also have due and reasonable means of security and data protection in said collection. Despite this, the Company cannot guarantee the infallibility of the security used in the management of information, especially against acts of third parties that are unpredictable or irresistible, whether in their nature, form or opportunity, thus violating all reasonable measures. security provided by the Company or by third parties, as appropriate. 

In any case, any information leak or security breach will be notified to the affected User as soon as possible after the occurrence of such event.

Children's information privacy

Without prejudice to the fact that the quality of User on the Platform requires an age that grants the legal capacity to contract, established in accordance with the law that governs these same Terms, and in order to comply with the standards and requirements of the Platform. and the other integrated third-party tools, where applicable, as well as with current national and international legislation, and including COPPA and GDPR regulations that are applicable to Users residing abroad (and, therefore, outside the territorial limit of the Republic of Chile), the Company establishes that it will not, at any time, request or request information from any person under 16 years of age, and the User is requested not to deliver or send information to the Company in any way, with respect to minors under 16 years of age. 

In the event that the Company identifies information as belonging to a person under 16 years of age, the Company will immediately proceed to destroy this data beyond any recovery or restoration, and close the User Account of such person, who had been eventually generated for it, or according to information from a minor under 16 years of age.

Targeted advertising information

The User, through acceptance (express or tacit) of these Terms, authorizes the Company to send targeted advertising to the User's email address listed in their User Account.

If the User requests it from the Company, the Company must cease sending promotional or targeted marketing information that the Company may send to the User. For this purpose, in any case, the Company will ensure that all promotional or marketing information that is sent to the User always contains a clear mention of the right that corresponds to the User to request cessation, and can always be resumed upon request for this purpose by the User. User.