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Excel courses for companies are the best way to boost the learning, knowledge and skills of your collaborators in Microsoft Excel. 

By completing each of the Excel courses, your teams will have complete mastery and competence in the tool.

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Levels of Excel Courses for Companies

Excel courses for companies consist of three levels according to the functions, characteristics or skills that the worker needs to learn and develop. These are:

Ninja Excel: The best Excel courses for companies

Our Excel courses for companies are the best option to train a large number of collaborators at the same time. They only need a computer and an internet connection.

What do they include? Excel courses from Ninja Excel?

Integration with Microsoft Excel

Integration with Microsoft Excel

The online Excel courses include the Microsoft Excel tool to do practical exercises. Just like you wear it at work! 

Teachers ready to help you

Teachers ready to help you

Our Microsoft Certified Trainers will help users answer questions about the course and about Excel in a help chat.

Learning-By-Doing Methodology

Learning-By-Doing Methodology

Ninja Excel online courses allow the user to learn from video lessons and execute instantly on the Excel that is on the platform. Learning-By-Doing Methodology: Learning by doing. 

Short lessons, effective learning

Short lessons, effective learning

Each lesson in the course consists of short videos. In no more than 2 to 5 minutes, users will learn the essential features and functions of Excel.

Free Diagnostic Evaluation

Free Diagnostic Evaluation

Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, do you not know the Excel level of your users? Check it now by taking the Ninja Excel Test. 



Online Excel courses have never been so challenging or entertaining… until now. Users will earn points and medals by completing lessons or sharing their certificates. 

Excel course Essential

Ninja Excel's Basic Excel course is aimed at people who have never worked in Excel. Participants will learn the menu, formats, simple formulas, and make basic tables and graphs.

Excel course Intermediate

Ninja Excel's Intermediate Excel course is aimed at users who need to deepen their skills and abilities in logical and search functions, to perform more complex calculations and analysis.

Excel course Advanced

Ninja Excel's Advanced Excel course is aimed at participants who want to achieve expert mastery of the advanced and sophisticated capabilities of Microsoft Excel using Macros and the VBA Programming Language.

User Reviews of Excel Courses

What benefits does learning Excel have for a person?

Learning Excel offers a wide range of benefits, regardless of professional field or personal interests:

How does it benefit companies to have workers who know how to use Excel?

Companies benefit from having workers who know how to use Excel for these reasons:

For what positions in companies are Excel courses directed?

The Excel courses are aimed at positions in companies from different industries and sectors. Some of them are:

Frequently Asked Questions about Ninja Excel Excel Courses

What is Ninja Excel?

It is the best platform to train in Microsoft Excel for companies in Latin America. With Ninja Excel, users learn to navigate the software, using the different tools and options available, since it has integrated lessons in short video format and the Microsoft Excel tool to practice live, wherever and whenever the user requires it.

What countries is Ninja Excel in?

Currently Ninja Excel is available for all companies in Latin America, including Spain.

What courses does Ninja Excel offer?

Ninja Excel has courses at three levels: Basic Excel Course, Intermediate Excel Course, and Advanced Excel Course.

How do I know which is the best course for my company's workers?

To know which Excel course is the best for your company's workers, it is ideal to take the Ninja Excel Test, the free diagnostic evaluation to determine the Excel level of the participants in the Ninja Excel courses.  

What do users need to take an Excel course?

Course participants must only have the following minimum requirements: 

  • Have a desktop or laptop computer with 2GB of RAM and 150MB of disk space available (the course is not available for mobile version).
  • On Mac computers, the course has certain restrictions on the use of the keyboard, which may affect the development of exercises.
  • Windows 7 operating system or higher.
  • Browsers with modern HTML5 support (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge). IE11 is not supported.
  • Stable internet access with minimum speed of 1Mbps 
How much does an Excel course cost?

If we talk about Excel course prices, there is as much variety in prices as there are courses available. You can find courses between 50 to 200 dollars. Everything will depend on the specifications that each platform has. This is why, before going for the least expensive option, review what their curriculum is like, their learning methodology, and how effective each one is. Always remember what your goals are before committing to any platform.

What is Excel training?

Excel training is a way for an organization's employees to learn how to use Microsoft Excel. Excel training exists according to difficulty and levels. This will depend on how advanced the collaborator's knowledge is in this tool. However, whatever the starting point, improving this skill in an organization's work teams will bring benefits such as improved productivity, better optimization of time, and greater commitment to the company. You can learn more in the following articles.

What does a Ninja Excel Excel Course include?

An Excel course from Ninja Excel includes the following: 

  • Short video lessons of 2 to 5 minutes
  • Practical exercises at the end of each session
  • Summary and glossary of concepts in each unit
  • Controls for each unit
  • Final exams at the end of each level
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer Help Chat 
  • Gamified experience: the user will earn points and medals by connecting every day, passing levels or sharing their certificate. 
  • Dashboard for trainers or course administrators to track user progress.
  • After-sales support and personalized attention 
Do you provide a certificate or diploma upon completing the Excel Course?

YEAH! Ninja Excel provides a certificate that certifies that the user has completed the course. There are certificates for basic, intermediate and advanced Excel courses.

My company is interested in acquiring one of your courses, what do I do?

You just have to go to the next one form and one of our agents will attend to your request so that your entire team can be an Excel Ninja.

Are you ready to train your collaborators?

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