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Sence 2023 Courses: Access the best courses 

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The Sence 2023 courses are now available. Throughout the year, the National Training and Employment Service, Sence, has a range of training offers available in all areas. These can be free for both individuals and companies. 

Currently, there are more than 300 free courses available for people. Meanwhile, there are also more than 5000 courses for companies. These courses can be financed at no cost if they access the benefit called Tax Exemption. 

In the following Ninja Excel article, we will give you a useful guide so you can find the Sence 2023 course(s) you need. Keep reading!

Sence 2023 courses for companies: what type of requirement do you have? 

Generally, Sence courses have a number of requirements. This depends on the line of training that the person or company is looking for. 

Companies in general  

Doubts are common regarding the requirements for companies to access the courses that Sence has on its platform. In reality, companies must meet the requirements for the benefit known as Tax Exemption. 

The Tax Exemption is a discount on the income tax that companies pay annually. In this way, they can allocate up to 1% of the annual payroll for training expenses authorized by Sence. 

Ninja Fact: If you want to know more details about how this tax benefit works, you can visit this article regarding Sence support for companies

Sence 2023 courses for companies

The Sence 2023 courses here are presented in two scenarios:

  1. Workers who want their company to train them for a particular area, knowledge or skill. 
  2. Companies that need to train a large number of workers.

Whatever the cases, if you are a worker or a company looking to make a training, you can go to the page Choose Best Sence. Here you just have to go down to the Search for Business Courses section. 

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Once there, you look for some topic, skill, knowledge or competence that you need to train. For example, we look for the word “Excel” to find out if there are Sence 2023 courses. 

The next step to learn about the sence 2023 courses

Just looking for this one type of training, we met with 2268 courses available. On the same platform we can filter according to: 

  • Modality: Distance, e-learning or in person.
  • Regions where the course has been taught: In this filter, you can select the region where the course is taught. It can be useful if you want to train workers from a particular region. 
  • Times taught: Represents the number of times that the course has been carried out by the Technical Training Organizations (OTEC). 
  • Duration of hours: You can filter by the minimum or maximum hours. 
  • Cost per person: It is the value that the teaching will have for each person who will take it. 

Ninja Fact: You can combine the filters that you need best. While more specific you can be, the faster you will find the course you need. 

When selecting the training program of our preference, only We must send our contact information. 

Sence 2023 courses for people in general

Currently, Sence has the following courses for people without work. These are part of training programs that Sence offers free of charge. Some of these are: 

  • Digital Society Diplomas: Training in E-Learning modality. It has 90-hour courses on social entrepreneurship, personal and digital marketing, web design and programming, among others. Can see more here
  • General job training: It is suitable for anyone from 16 years old, here you can see the requirements and application for those who work in construction. There is also training in a variety of areas such as construction, transportation, among others. Known official information here.
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities: Training that provides technical knowledge and practical skills related to people with disabilities. For more information you can check here
  • Actively looking for work: The courses are part of the “Reinvéntate” program, which has a wide range of free courses. These are aimed at people who may be unemployed or in danger of losing their job.  Here you can find the available courses. Meanwhile, the requirements to apply they're here.  
  • Other courses to review. If you want to review the course you need according to the program to which you must apply, you can directly review the page Choose Best Sence. Where you can filter the training you are interested in according to the program you can apply for. 

What kind of requirements do sense courses for people have?

The requirements for people's training vary depending on the course line. Generally, the most frequent requirements would be: 

  • Depending on the line of training, the application age varies. This can be between 16 or 18 years old. 
  • Complete secondary education desirable. 
  • Have a Unique Code provided by the state of Chile. 
  • In most courses, the person is required to enter 60% of the most vulnerable people in the Social Registry of Households (RSH). For some courses, this requirement is extended to 80% in the RSH depending on the region. 

Ninja Fact: Some of these requirements may be expanded or will change depending on the course line to be applied for.

What deadlines exist to apply for courses?

In the case of individuals, depending on the program in which they will participate, the application period may vary. On a monthly basis, Sence announces the available courses through its official channels. 

If you are a worker or a company that is looking to train, it will depend on the course selected. However, many of the courses presented on the Sence website expire in 2024. 

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