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Everything about Human Resources of a company

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Human Resources of a company, HR or People team of organizations. All of these are ways to call the area in charge of managing the human capital of an organization. However, what does this imply? Read the following note to know what Human Resources are, what their functions are and their importance within companies.

What are the Human Resources of a Company?

There are two ways to define what a company's Human Resources are: by their functionality, or as a noun. In the latter case, Human Resources are the set of individuals who perform tasks in an organization. However, this definition is not enough to explain the real work carried out in this area. 

Human Resources or HR, is the department in charge of helping the people of an institution to carry out their tasks in the best possible way.. This in order to reach the maximum potential of each collaborator to increase the productivity of the organization.

For this, the HR area must be managed strategically. As? Aligning the objectives of the business with the people who work in it. This through different approaches that generate greater performance at the individual level, which will translate into increased productivity.

Now, for this strategy to be effective, it must be present in all the tasks or actions carried out by Human Resources. Let's review below what these functions are.

HR functions in a company

As we mentioned previously, the functions of Human Resources in a company are strategic within an organization. This is due to its ability to increase the productivity of an institution and align workers with its objectives.

For the following list of Human Resources functions, it is important that you consider that a prior step to all of them is the determination of the strategy that will be applied. This must be at the center of all actions to be effective. Now that you know this, let's go to the tasks carried out in the HR area:

Importance of Human Resources in a company

If someone asked you what the most important thing about a company is, what would you say? We affirm that the most substantial thing in a company is its people. And they are not polite words. Even today, when automated processes become increasingly common, operators who can configure their operation are necessary. 

That is why The importance of Human Resources lies in different tasks, such as:

  • Manage remuneration payments.
  • Maintain a good climate in the company.
  • Align the organization's objectives with collaborators.
  • Act as mediators in conflict situations.
  • Train employees to improve their performance.
  • Transmit the culture of the organization to each member of it.
  • Manage existing benefits in the organization.

This is why Human Resources in a company are so important. Proper people management will keep the workforce of a successful organization happy, orderly and aligned. This is the one who, while developing individually, will promote the mission and proposed objectives for the collective good of the institution.

Keep in mind the words of Stephen Covey, American writer, professor and speaker:

“An empowered organization is one in which people have the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to achieve personal success in a way that leads to collective organizational success.”

Stephen Covey

Graduate in Social Communication and Journalist. Mainly creative before everything. Now writing about Excel and Human Resources for the common man.

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