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Human Talent Management: What you should know?

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Human Talent Management is a process that can be approached from multiple angles. Among so much information, it is easy to get lost between what is and is not important. Today we bring you a review of what you should consider in a talent management process. Keep on reading to know everything.

Human Talent Management: What is it?

Human Talent Management is the process by which people are managed within an organization. This considers the attraction, development and retention of workers to increase value in companies. The sum of these aspects will increase the performance of the human capital in her.

In conclusion, Human Talent Management is a series of strategies that are applied together. As a result, you will obtain, maintain and align the most qualified professionals with the organization's objectives. 

Always remember that Human Talent Management applies to new and old collaborators. This process is a constant cycle with a focus on people.

Human Talent Management according to Idalberto Chiavenato

The author of "Management of Human Talent", Idalberto Chiavenato sitting with a shelf with his works behind him.

Idalberto Chiavenato is a Brazilian author, teacher and doctor in Administration who has written extensively on Human Resources. One of his best-known works is precisely his book “Management of Human Talent”. In it, he explains how the perception of this process has changed and what the modern view of it is:

“This is a new vision of people, no longer as a resource of the organization, as servile objects or simple passive subjects of the process, but fundamentally as active subjects who make decisions, undertake actions, create innovations and add value to organizations.

Human Talent Management, Idalberto Chiavenato. 

Human Talent Management Model

If you do a quick search, you will probably come across a number of Human Talent Management models. Among so much information, how do you know which one to follow? The truth is, it will always depend on the needs of your company. For this reason, at Ninja Excel we have prepared the following guide that will be very useful to you. 

Discover the human talent management process here


The strategy in Human Talent Management is fundamental. Here you must propose a long-term plan that responds to the company's objectives. Likewise, this will help you make better decisions in the next steps. It is important that the entire strategy is carried out with a methodology SMART, that is: with specific, measurable, achievable and realistic objectives in a given time. We will return to this point later.


Planning is usually tedious, but it is very necessary. This is where the questions begin: What type of talent do I want to attract? For what positions? To solve these concerns, you can write the descriptions of the available vacancies in a strategic way (remember that we told you that strategy is essential?), that is, present them in a language that your expected candidate will understand and therefore, increase their willingness to apply.


Good talent can decide where to work. This is why, before starting to compete with other organizations for a good candidate, it is better to create the desire to belong beforehand. To do this, you can offer professional internships or position yourself as a good employer brand, among many other options.


Selection is probably one of the most visible points of Human Talent Management. Here it is very important to filter out those people who have the greatest potential. However, a recurring question is what to look for for this. We recommend that you analyze the following points in the candidates:

  • Technical knowledge.
  • Communicative skills.
  • Disposition towards teamwork.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Adaptability.
  • Orientation to results.


A good organizational practice is to take an active role in the work development of your workers. For this reason, once you have carried out the selection process, it is appropriate to ask: What tools or skill development can you provide to help them do their job better in a timely manner? The answer to this is always job training. The ideal for this is to make a good training plan that considers your needs. With this, you will increase employee commitment, while at the same time giving them input to do their job better.


After getting good talent in your selection process, it is time to invest in their professional development through training. Now the question is, what prevents them from taking other career horizons? This question is solved by retaining talent. You can do this by giving them concrete growth opportunities and rewarding their contributions to the company.


William Thomson Kelvin already said it: “what is not measured cannot be improved.” This is why you can evaluate and analyze whether the initially proposed strategy is bearing fruit. How to do this? Comparing the results with the SMART goals that you raised. 

Now, you know the fundamental steps of a good Human Talent Management model. Are you ready to apply it in your organization?

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