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What is DC3? What you should know + downloadable

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DC3, STPS, NOM, seems like a lot of abbreviations, right? These are terms that are very recurring when planning training for your collaborators. Read on to find out all the details and have your own downloadable DC3 format:

What is DC3?

DC3 or Certificate of Skills, is the document that certifies the completion of a training process. This certifies the acquisition of skills through training agents registered in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS).

It is very important that this training provider is registered with the STPS. Without this registration, you will not be able to issue it to present it and comply with the provisions of the Federal Labor Law (LFT).

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What is the DC3 for?

The DC3 is a document that not only serves to comply with the Official Mexican Standard or NOM. It will also allow Your collaborators have support for their skills and abilities. They can even add this certificate to their resume and thus enhance their future employability opportunities.

Who issues it?

The DC3 is issued by the same company that is going to contract the training for its collaborators. The certificate must be completed with the information of the worker, the company and the training agent. You can review the fields in the downloadable example below:

Downloadable DC3 format

Would you like to be able to get your own DC3 format? Click the banner below for the editable and pdf version.

[DC3 format]

Download the DC3 document

How to fill it?

Filling out a DC3 is quick when you have the required data. Below, we leave you the list of fields that will be requested in the document: 

Worker information: Here you must enter the data of your collaborators. And although it is simple, you must take care of some details. Especially the following:

    • Employee's name: First you must write their paternal and maternal surname and then their names.

    • Specific Occupation (National Catalog of Occupations): These are specific codes depending on the work area. You can review them in the downloadable format that we prepared for you.

    • Company information: This is probably the easiest as you have to enter your data as an organization. If you are a natural person, you must first indicate your paternal and maternal surname and then your first name.
    • Training, training and productivity program data: For this part it will be very helpful to have the information from your external training agent and the |National Catalog of Occupations.

And ready!, with this information you can make your own Certificate of Skills to present it to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS).

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