Ninja Excel BlogInterviewsFatima Muñoz, Head of Sales Peru at Ninja Excel: “The knowledge acquired is something that has no expiration date”

Fatima Muñoz, Head of Sales Peru at Ninja Excel: “The knowledge acquired is something that has no expiration date”

Fatima Muñoz Ninja Excel

“Being able to contribute to the development of people through the courses we offer is incredible. Being in a company where I have the opportunity to share knowledge is gratifying,” explains Fatima, leader of Ninja Excel's expansion in Peru.

Committed, empathetic and responsible. These are the three words with which Fatima Muñoz, Head of Sales Peru at Ninja Excel, describes herself. The Peruvian leader who has been the head of the expansion of Ninja Excel in the country spoke about the first months of this challenge and how the industry has grown. e-learning in the last moment.

How has the formation of team Ninja Excel in Peru?

The training process has been very enriching because we have managed to be a team of people who are characterized by having passion for what we do, we all contribute a lot to the team and the company itself. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge in your career right now?

I would tell you that at that moment there are two challenges I have:

First, make Ninja known in the corporate training ecosystem and get it to be in the top of mind when companies think about Excel training in Peru. And secondly, but not least, consolidate the team and make it extremely solid to serve the local market.

What are you most passionate about about the learning industry?

Definitely what I am most passionate about in the learning industry is being able to lead people to create a better version of themselves. The knowledge acquired is something that has no expiration date, and being able to contribute to people's development through the courses we offer is incredible. Being in a company where I have the opportunity to share knowledge is rewarding.

What is it like to be a woman in the industry? e-learning?

I honestly don't think there are many differences regarding gender when we are talking in terms of work. I am not one of those who defines a position by gender. I think this is changing a lot and I think it's very good but we still have a long way to go.

What I could mention to you is that the industry e-learning It is very changeable and one must be versatile enough to adapt. Both in personal and work life one must be prepared for changes and I think that in that aspect we women usually have a super fast adaptation process. 

What do you think is the main urgency in the learning market today?

On the part of clients, the main urgency is to find suppliers that provide a comprehensive service. It is not only enough to teach a course but to validate that it makes a difference for users and that companies can see their investment in knowledge reflected. On our part, as companies that provide this service, it is to be in constant communication with customers to adapt and improve the service.

What has been the biggest advancement you have seen in the industry over the last 3 years?

As a result of the pandemic we had to adapt to being at home and this meant working and studying from there. And although Peru was still very cautious with the alternatives e-learning, this was something that forced us to adapt it to our new reality. Which showed companies that being able to study virtually is even more effective than in-person alternatives.

According to this, the e-learning industry has had exponential growth in recent years: new alternatives and learning solutions appropriate to the needs of consumers have been developed and, clearly, traditional teaching companies have also had to adapt. to this boom and generate solutions to serve a large population that has already demanded online courses from the beginning.

If you could give advice to the Fatima of the past, what would you tell her?

I would tell you to really enjoy the present, every moment, achievement, defeat or setback. All the situations we experience always come with learning to be learned and they are what shape us.

Perfect place to work?

I believe that there is no better place to work than where one fully believes in the purpose and is committed to it. Also in which you feel total freedom to contribute ideas and have them heard.

Graduate in Social Communication and Journalist. Mainly creative before everything. Now writing about Excel and Human Resources for the common man.

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