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How to acquire Excel courses online? Step by Step

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ANDFinding the best online Excel courses can be a daunting task. As you well know, Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful tools that anyone needs to know. Whether for personal or professional use. It is a cross-cutting and versatile spreadsheet made to calculate, manage and visualize data. 

Over the years, the training methods to learn Microsoft Excel have constantly evolved. From the most traditional formats such as face-to-face training to online or online training. They are all methodologies that help in learning Excel, either individually or for a large number of people.  

Online Excel courses are a way to do massive learning for companies, schools and universities. Many online solutions allow users or students take the course at the time that best suits them. However, what do these courses consist of? Why is it the right solution to train a large number of people? 

In this article you will know how to determine the best options for online Excel courses for workers, students and anyone who needs an Excel course. Let's get started! 

Ways to learn Excel online

There are two main ways to divide Excel courses online, these are synchronous and asynchronous.

The synchronous mode It is the traditional way of learning something new. This It is characterized by being carried out simultaneously, that is, it occurs in real time between the teacher and the students.. When this modality is applied online, it is done through a specific platform to which everyone must enter at a specific time already agreed upon. In this format, everyone receives the same information at the same time but through a screen.

However, in this learning method, retention does not stand out, since education by demonstration only achieves retention of the learning of 30% according to the Learning Pyramid.

On the other hand, the asynchronous mode It's quite the opposite. In this wayAll classes occur individually and in parallel, so they are not done “live”. Here the teaching materials are prepared in advance and are delivered so that the student can do them whenever he deems appropriate.

This modality is ideal for people with little time or who have busy schedules, since they can manage their education according to what they consider best. Some examples of asynchronous education can be on free platforms such as YouTube or paid platforms such as Udemy or Ninja Excel.

Examples of asynchronous courses

In the case of Youtube, over the years it has become a tool as used as Google search engines. It is possible to find videos of -almost- everything you need. Whether it's cooking, entertainment or education, we assure you it's on YouTube. The same thing happens with Microsoft Excel, since there are many videos on the subject and how to use the formulas and functions.

This is a free way to learn Excel, so it seems like a great option to take. However, YouTube is an open platform where anyone can upload videos or content, so it is very easy to come across accounts that are experts in the tool, but not teachers who know how to pass on that knowledge. On the other hand, There is no learning framework and it also happens that through audiovisual content, learning retention only reaches 20% according to the Learning Pyramid.

Udemy For its part, it is a payment platform that has many courses and topics to learn, including Excel. To enter you must register and purchase the course. Once the purchase is made, you can take the classes whenever you see fit and advance at your own pace. In this case, yes There is a learning mesh and reliable knowledge to learn, but the retention percentage of these classes still does not exceed 30%.

Ninja Excel: Asynchronous Courses for Workers 

Now, Ninja Excel's Excel courses go beyond what we have told you, since although they are also online, paid and asynchronous so you can do them whenever you see fit, they also have another very relevant aspect: the learning by doing

Ninja's Excel courses also include the methodology of learning by doing, which is one of the most effective methods to enhance learning retention, thus reaching 75% retention of the subject. But how does this work?

Ninja Excel is a platform that In addition to teaching you through videos, it integrates the Microsoft Excel software to learn “hands-on” and put what you have seen into practice.. Thus, without having to leave the application, you will be able to see the class, practice what you have seen and then review with immediate feedback whether what you have done is correct or incorrect.

It is for this reason that Ninja Excel has established itself in the market as one of the best places to learn Excel. Now, how do you access the platform? We tell you below.

Ninja Excel courses for workers: How to access?

As we explained, Ninja Excel has a high level of effectiveness, making it ideal for training collaborators. Thus, You will be sure that the investment in the training of your company's workers will bear fruit in the short, medium and long term.

To begin, learning on this platform is divided by difficulty: basic, intermediate and advanced. In each of these levels, you will find different units from lowest to highest complexity, Thus, the further you progress, the more information you will have to enter the next topic. However, before moving forward and after each video class, you will have a practical exercise to apply the formulas or functions you learned in day-to-day situations.

Collaborators will be able to enter the platform with your email and a password that will be sent to your email. Once in the application, each user will be able to advance their Excel knowledge whenever they want, reach a streak of days and also practice what they have learned as many times as they want, since they can repeat the lessons.

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