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Advanced Excel Training: how to acquire it? 

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Advanced Excel training may be what your work team needs to finally take off and experience a previously unknown level of productivity. However, What is advanced Excel training? What aspects does it cover? What do you need for your collaborators to reach this level? Today we answer all these questions. 

Train your organization's workers in Microsoft Excel can generate great profits for your company. This is because increasing the work performance of collaborators in a tool that they use daily, will improve their flexibility and versatility, help them make more informed and strategic decisions And in addition, it will allow them to perform the same tasks in less time.

Can you imagine how much you could increase productivity if, in addition to the basic and intermediate course, you do advanced Excel training? Today we want you to stop imagining, and see what they can eventually handle. However, it is important to know that before reaching this point, previous courses must be taken, but what does this imply? Go for it. 

What information should I use to take an advanced Excel course?

To take an advanced Excel course, collaborators must have prior knowledge of Excel and manage the tools and functions of the tool to create and modify spreadsheets of basic and intermediate complexity, applied to financial, administrative or any other type of information. This information is obtained from the previous courses: Basic and Intermediate, which include topics such as:

  • Basic mathematical functions: SUM, ROUND,.
  • Basic statistical functions: COUNT, COUNT, MAX and MIN, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MODE.
  • Logical and conditional functions: AND, OR, SUM.IF, COUNT.IF, SUM.IF.SET, COUNT.IF.SET.
  • Graphics: bar, line and their respective design.
  • Intermediate mathematical functions: SUMPRODUCT, KESITH, RANDOM.
  • Date and text functions.
  • Formula audit: Trace precedents, dependents, show formulas, evaluate formulas.
  • Data tables and pivot tables: data segmentation, time scales, individual reports, updating and grouping of data.
  • Dynamic graphics.

What does advanced Excel training consist of?

Advanced Excel training consists of teaching employees to handle the most advanced and demanding functions of Microsoft Excel. Managing them can facilitate the work of many workers who must perform calculations on electronic spreadsheets and manage large databases. 

This training should include topics such as pivot tables, macros, and VBA programming, and can be very useful for those who work with large amounts of data or need to automate repetitive tasks or perform more complex analyses.

Some of the features and tools included in advanced Excel training are:

  • Extract data: FIND and EXTRACT.
  • Advanced statistical functions: HIERARCHY.EQV, FREQUENCY.
  • Functions of searching and referencing: CHOOSE, INDIRECT, OFFSET, VLOOKUP in tables, or with multiple results.
  • Custom data validation- Control duplicate data records, dynamic ranges with OFFSET.
  • Form controls: combo boxes, check boxes, number control, list box, radio button, charts with form controls, conditional formatting.
  • Macros: equipment configuration, recording, running and deleting macros, forms with macros, advanced macro filters.
  • solver: SOLVER plugin activation, MAX target setting.

Another important aspect to consider is the duration of the course. An advanced Excel training can last 19 hours. However, in the case of Ninja Excel training, this time may increase or decrease, because each user progresses at their own pace.

What steps must be followed to carry out Advanced Excel training?

Many people wonder how to start conducting advanced Excel training for their collaborators. To do this, it is possible to take three routes. 

The first is to find an Excel training provider and enroll your collaborators in the advanced Excel course. However, this option presents some biases, since In many cases, workers have an erroneous perception of their knowledge of the tool, so when they reach the maximum level of difficulty, it is difficult for them to advance since they need a previous base that does not exist.

The second option is to train your collaborators in basic and intermediate Excel. Thus, You will know that your company's collaborators have all the necessary information to continue advancing in their knowledge. This alternative is usually the most expensive and most extensive, although despite this, it is also usually the most effective.  

The third option is to carry out a diagnosis of the Excel level of your collaborators. This tool is very useful and a midpoint between the previous alternatives, since It allows each worker to be individually evaluated based on the knowledge they already have, before enrolling them in courses that may not be effective. Once the Excel diagnosis has been applied, collaborators can be enrolled in the course they need to, from that point, begin formal training without gaps. This option is generally the most useful for companies and collaborators, since it allows them to take the necessary courses to ensure effective learning.

One tool for this is the Ninja Excel Test, which evaluates for free and determines the current level in Microsoft Excel of your company's collaborators.. With this information, the platform will recommend in real time which course your workers should enroll in to begin their training. 


Thus, Advanced Excel training can mark a before and after in the productivity of your teams. However, to do this you must consider the time and investment factor. For this reason, we recommend that you review all the variables before deciding on a provider. A great option for this are the Ninja Excel courses, a platform on which your collaborators will learn by doing with micro lessons and practical exercises.

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