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[Guide] What is the best Excel course?: What you need to know

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Choosing the best Excel course is not an easy task, but you will know a lot along the way. Microsoft Excel is an essential tool for any company or person who needs to work with data, graphs, dashboard and projections. However, you will be able to find the best Excel course according to your needs and budget.

There are many Excel courses available in online or online mode. Also for those who prefer, there are courses that you can take in person. But What characteristics should I know to know which is the best Excel course? We have prepared a guide that will help you in the choosing process. Let's get started!

4 aspects to choose the best Excel course

Here are some things to consider when choosing an Excel course:

Skill level

Are you a beginner or already have some developed skills in Excel? If you are new to Excel, you should choose a course that starts from scratch. The course in basic level It is recommended for those cases. For more complex calculations and functions, a most intermediate level.


Excel courses vary in price depending on the course type, type of Excel content that will be offered, course level, experience, teacher background, additional services, study materials or help, among others.

The course content

The curriculum or course content will change depending on the training need you have. For example, there are exclusive courses on the market to learn Macros, VBA, Pivot, Pyton in Excel, among others. You can also choose according to the level of Excel that you have evaluated.

Instructor opinions, reviews or references

Knowing the experience of teachers or instructors will help you know the specialization they have. For example, if they have specializations or certifications for Microsoft Excel, their academic experience and references of their type of teaching or qualifications.

Reviews of the institution or company that offers the course

Although you can rely on a particular instructor, there are also teaching institutions that offer free or paid Excel courses. There are also companies specialized in training of workers in Microsoft Excel. To verify their experience in the matter, it is recommended to check reviews on their website or visit the social networks of the company to be listed.

Why learn with Excel Online courses?

The online methodology to start an Excel course has a series of characteristics. This option since it is:  

  • TOaffordable: Online Excel courses are more affordable than in-person courses, since only a computer and internet connection are required.
  • Complete: Online courses include tools or modules to make learning more dynamic. For example, access to glossaries, summaries, videos and learning exercises.
  • Easy to follow: Online course platforms, such as Ninja Excel, have email reminders to follow up.
  • Online: You can take the course wherever and whenever you want, you only need an internet connection.
  • Certificate and validity: Excel online courses provide a certificate with verification to be used in applications or others.

Online Excel Courses: Which is the Best?

Online Excel courses are a excellent option for people who want to learn at their own pace. Each provider will have different modalities to execute the online methodology.

For example, there are Excel trainers whose course is online and all students must be connected on the same video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Teams or Meet. On the other hand, other online Excel course providers have platforms where the user can decide what to learn, without time restrictions.

Best online Excel courses

So, which Online Excel course would be best? Let's review some providers and you can choose the best online Excel course based on what you are looking for.  

  • Ninja Excel: It is a provider of Excel courses focused on companies. The solution is that the lesson to be learned is on the same platform. The content is in short videos, where the student can perform the requested exercise in an Excel sheet. In this way, the requested task and the Microsoft Excel program are integrated. It is supported by a team of Microsoft certified teachers.
  • Udemy: It is a platform that has a great offer of courses in general. It also has Excel course offers according to levels or type of specialization in doing. It also has options for companies, as well as for anyone. The instructor and the value may vary depending on the course you choose.
  • Coursera: It is an online learning platform that offers a wide variety of courses and learning programs. Users can take individual courses, guided projects, and professional certificates. It is characterized by being paid courses and being supported by higher education institutions. Most of the courses are in English.
  • edX: It is an online learning platform similar to Cursera, as it has a wide range of courses in general and supported by institutions. It can be purchased for free although with fewer learning options and certifications.

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