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Job performance evaluation: Know how to do it

Job performance evaluation in Excel: Learn how to do it

Are you not clear if your hires are working in your organization? A job performance evaluation will help you get a clearer picture of this. In addition, you will discover how it would help enhance the talent of your collaborators.

What is job performance evaluation?

A job performance evaluation is a measurement system to analyze the performance of your collaborators according to defined parameters. The latter are of great importance, since having clear expectations for both your company and your workers will give you an objective and clear way of knowing how far your collaborators have progressed according to the metrics you define.

What is it for?

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Primarily a job performance evaluation It will help you know which team members are meeting the established goals. However, its benefits extend beyond this. For example, an evaluation will tell you: 

  • In what areas do you need to guide or help your collaborators more?
  • Which collaborators should be highlighted for their good performance.
  • If you must improve your onboarding process.
  • How you can optimize the work of your teams. 

How to do a job performance evaluation?

Doing a job performance evaluation is very simple. But before starting, you should establish a couple of data that will help, such as choosing the evaluation criteria:

Define evaluation criteria:

To do a job performance evaluation, you need to establish what things you want to measure. A Ninja Tip is that you choose those points that align with the Key Performances Indicators (KPI) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR) of your organization. On the other hand, it is important that they be SMART criteria, that is, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and within a certain time. This will make it much easier for you to define it.

Determine the competencies of each position

An organization works like a gear: all parts have a specific task that, when performed correctly, will move the entire system forward. This is why You must evaluate your collaborators according to their specific tasks and tasks. Since everyone does different things, they must also be evaluated differently. 

Define the evaluation scale 

In this case, we recommend determine a numerical value to approve and disapprove your collaborators. Ninja Tip: If you want to quickly review those who did not pass the evaluation, you can apply conditional formatting in Excel and it will automatically highlight those who do not comply with the given rule. Learn how to do it in detail here

Benefits of doing a performance evaluation

Five stars to evaluate performance

As we mentioned, a performance evaluation will not only help you measure which employees are fully fulfilling their tasks, but also:

Improve company performance and profitability

We all like to be well evaluated. This is why when a company carries out measurement activities periodically, workers carry out their tasks being aware that there will be a time when they will receive feedback From his job. If this is not positive, they will know what they need to improve. This in the long run translates into employees focused on correctly carrying out their functions, which is why the company directly benefits in its profitability.

Drive greater job satisfaction

Conducting job performance evaluations that have the right questions can even help you know why employees are not meeting the initially established goals. In the event that this is not for performance reasons, You will be able to know how to improve as an organization to help your workers achieve their objectives and thus, they will feel heard in their work space.

Give quick visibility to problems to work on them

Poor performance is not always synonymous with dismissal, or at least, it should not be. Especially in the case of larger organizations, since the visibility of day-to-day problems is usually lost, which, when added one by one, can become a larger one. A performance evaluation It will help you not only identify them, but it will also allow you to open a new instance of communication with your collaborators. in which they can touch on these topics before it is too late.


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Evaluation methods

Evaluation by objectives

Performance evaluation by objectives It is a method in which the basis is the fulfillment of previously established goals. This evaluation is ideal since both the employee and the leaders know what the expectations are since they are set by both parties.

Evaluation by performance tests

Performance testing They are evaluations that analyze the skills or use of specific tools of collaborators. It is important that to carry out this test, you make sure that the tool is really necessary for the work of the person to be evaluated and that the evaluator handles the topic.

Self appraisal

In this type of evaluation, The employee himself carries out an analysis of his performance, strengths and weaknesses with a rubric provided by his leaders. This is a great tool because it is done together, however, it can sometimes be subjective if the evaluation criteria of the leader and the worker are very different.

Hierarchical evaluation

Hierarchical evaluations They only consider the vision of the direct leader of the worker to be evaluated. It is normally used because superiors know firsthand the work done by their collaborators. However, this can sometimes be less than objective.

360° evaluation

A 360 evaluation is called that because This has different evaluators, such as teammates, leaders, suppliers, etc. One of the main benefits of this performance evaluation method is that it provides a complete vision of the work a person does in the organization.


As you can see, A performance evaluation can help you analyze whether your team is meeting the work standard of your organization. In this way, you will be able to analyze if the tasks are diagnosed and their execution.

It is important that you remember that Each job performance evaluation method has advantages and disadvantages, and that using the best one will always depend on which one adapts to the needs of the role to be evaluated.

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