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Microlearning: good things are learned little by little 

Metaphor of puzzle pieces that form microlearning

Saying that time is a scarce resource is not something new. Today's lifestyle has made life faster, so it is important to find ways of learning that adapt to this reality. A great methodology This is what microlearning is for. 

Breaking down what you want to learn into small chunks of information will make the process easier and friendlier., while the final result will be greater understanding in less time. This is how advancing constantly and partially will maintain motivation, taking employees further in their knowledge. 

However, how does this process occur? In the following note we tell you all the scope of this methodology that is increasingly used in training.

Microlearning: What is it?

Microlearning is a learning methodology, in which the total content to be learned is fragmented into smaller parts. Thanks to this format, this method generates greater understanding and faster assimilation of the subject to be learned.

This is how it has become quite popular due to its good results, since It is a much more realistic methodology and adaptable to everyday life.. This way, students can better manage and personalize their experience. 

Microlearning as a training format

People have less and less time and that is a fact. Coordinating personal and work life and also training is something that requires a lot of discipline, therefore, microlearning comes to solve this problem. 

Apply fragmented learning as a methodology to train collaborators makes training processes less frustrating, faster and more efficient. This occurs because many times, in traditional training, the contents are extensive and complex, so workers They quickly lose interest and concentration in the task at hand.

On the contrary, Through microlearning, collaborators manage to advance partially, but at the end of the capsules they obtain a feeling of accomplishment that keeps them motivated during the process. Furthermore, this methodology is ideal for those who have short attention spans, since they do not require much time and go straight to the point.

Benefits of training through microlearning 

Training through microlearning has a series of benefits for both companies and collaborators. Below, review the main benefits for both parties.

Benefits for collaborators

  • Facilitates learning retention: This is because the information is much easier to digest and assimilate. Besides, reduces cognitive overload and adapts to people's attention span.
  • It's friendlier: that employees can choose how much they want to learn day by day makes the obligation to train and deepen their knowledge lighter.
  • Empower collaborators: Being able to personalize the times in which the training is carried out makes employees more aware of their own learning.

Employer benefits

  • Facilitates monitoring of learning: By having more limited content lessons, it is easier to follow up on the training.
  • The results are visible in less time: Being a methodology with a high level of retention and in which you learn faster, what you learn is also applied more quickly, so the impact is visible in less time.
  • Increase productivity: Training with greater impact ensures that employees perform better and do their activities in less time, thereby increasing productivity.
Summary table of the benefits of microlearning


Training that applies microlearning is more effective than those that use traditional methodologiess, since employees can decide how much they want to learn per day or weekly. Thus, these fractional lessons also generate a sense of concrete progress and interest in training is maintained.

In Ninja Excel, in addition to having the learning by doing methodology, we also apply gamification and microlearning to further enhance learning and thus achieve greater interest from collaborators. With this, we have discovered that training doubles its impact, generating greater returns for organizations.

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