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What is lifelong learning and how to learn throughout life?

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From learning a new hobby or trade, to acquiring new skills that allow us to successfully face a new work project: without a doubt, the lifelong learning has become an essential characteristic of the workers of the future.

The ability to adapt to an environment of constant change, the desire to learn new things and, above all, the mentality of growth and improvement, are some of the characteristics and attributes that we can find in lifelong learners.

More and more companies have incorporated into their understanding and assessment of talent, attitude that people have when it comes to learning. Questions such as, What was the last thing you learned?, how do you learn? and What topics or skills would you like to learn?, have acquired increasing relevance in job application interviews.

If we believe that the definition of lifelong learning refers to characteristics or personality attributes that “come for granted”, we would be starting this journey incorrectly. Understand that, until habit of continually learn It can be learned, it is the starting point of our growth process.

This is why here we leave you some tips that will allow you to incorporate this mentality of growth and improvement, which we hope will accompany you forever in your lifelong learning.

3 fundamental steps to apply Lifelong Learning to your life:

1. Choose an activity or theme that you enjoy

In your free time or in your work life, start by choosing an activity or topic that you enjoy and/or are passionate about learning.

As BJ Fogg, author of the acclaimed book Tiny Habits: The small changes that change everything, in it Time magazine article, there is a direct association between the emotions we experience when we perform a behavior and the probability that it will be repeated or not in the future.

In his research, Fogg found that even certain habits can be formed in a few days, as long as we experience a positive emotion associated with that new behavior.

It's that simple, start by learning a topic that you like and having a good time.

2. Schedule your times based on your calendar

After deciding what activity or topic you would like to learn, define how much time you would dedicate to it in your week. We recommend setting times that you can meet and that fit easily into your calendar. For example, dedicate 15 minutes of your mornings to reading the articles from that magazine that interests you so much.

3. Promote new habits by creating positive emotions

When you meet the study times you had scheduled, celebrate! As Fogg indicates, the best way to generate a positive and pleasant emotion that encourages the generation of new habits is celebration.

Rewarding ourselves through a dance, thinking to ourselves “good job” or even applauding ourselves can help us generate those new habits that we want to incorporate into our lives.

Conclusions about Lifelong Learning

He lifelong learning Not only will it enhance your skills, but it will also help create good habits in all areas of your life. In Ninja Excel We believe in the potential of people and their ability to transform the world through knowledge.

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