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Excel training: The most searched questions

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At Ninja Excel we are experts in Excel, so we often answer many questions regarding the tool, about our product and also about different stages of the training process. And although Excel is one of the best-known software, it is normal to have questions! We want to be that place where you begin to clarify your doubts and are encouraged to start.

Excel Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Next, check out the most frequently asked questions about Excel training:

What is Excel training?

Excel training is training for a company's employees to teach them how to use Microsoft spreadsheet software. In this program you can perform endless tasks that help not only refine data, but also analyze data, accounting and statistics. 

Where can I take free Excel courses?

You can take free Excel courses on pages like Udemy, UNAM, Edutin Academy, Cursos Sepe, among others. Today there are different platforms to learn about this software for free.

How much does an Excel training cost?

You can find Excel courses from $50 to $200. This price will depend on different factors, such as the platform, methodology, teaching modality and whether or not the class has a final certificate.

How many levels of Excel are there?

Generally you will find three levels of Excel, these are: basic, intermediate and advanced.

What topics are there in basic Excel?

In a basic Excel course you should learn the following topics:

  • Spreadsheet navigation
  • File types and formats.
  • Essential formulas such as SUM, ROUND, COUNT, COUNT, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, MEDIAN and MODE.
  • Logical and conditional functions.
  • Graphics.

What should a person with an intermediate level of Excel know?

A person with an intermediate level of Excel should know the following aspects:

  • Intermediate functions such as EXP, CONCATENATE, LOG, ROOT, POWER, among others.
  • Information search and inspection.
  • Tables and graphs dynamic.
  • Data validation.
  • Formats.

What is the basics of Excel?

The most basic thing in Excel is to know the simple formats and functions such as AUTOSUM, SUM, COUNT, MAX and MIN.

What do I need to know about Excel to work in a company?

To work in a company using Excel, you must know how to use formulas and functions to perform calculations and data analysis. Among the most useful formulas are CONCATENATE, COUNT, SETIF, VLOOKUP, SUMIF, and AVERAGE. It will also help you to know how to format your spreadsheets to improve the appearance and readability of the data. Another aspect that will add a lot to your resume is knowing how to create tables and graphs to visualize the data in a better way.

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