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How to make an organization chart in Excel? Step by Step

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An organizational chart is vital in the Human Resources area of your company and doing it in Excel will help you represent the internal structure of the organization. But what steps should you follow if you want to make an organization chart quickly and easily? In the following article Ninja Excel , you will learn everything you need to make an organization chart in Microsoft Excel.

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What is an organization chart and what is it for?

An organization chart, or organizational breakdown structure, is a graphic representation of the structure of people and positions in an organization. This is very useful for the Human Resources area. It serves to show the relationship between jobs in a company and with this, facilitate planning, management and personnel directory.

Have you ever seen a concept map with names and positions? If your answer is Yeah, you were probably looking at an organizational chart. And now we will give you the elements and resources so that you can make the organization chart you need in Excel.

How can having an organization chart in Excel benefit you for your company? 

Perhaps you have asked yourself this on more than one occasion. Having a functional organizational chart that responds to the needs of the organization will not only help to better represent the positions in it. Additionally, it can benefit you in the following:

It will divide the tasks clearly:

It may sound obvious, however, a good practice in organizations is to have specific people who perform particular functions according to their expertise, so having an organized organizational chart will delimit the functions of each collaborator.

It will give visibility to the hierarchy of your organization:

The organization chart will be an ally when it comes to indicating chains of command and relationships between people. In the case of a traditional organizational breakdown, these can be represented both horizontally in the case of peers, and vertically in the case of management and collaborators.

It will help organize the departments or areas in your company:

Do you need specific information about your organization and don't know who to ask? Check the organization chart! Knowing who makes up your work teams will make it easier to identify which people you should turn to for day-to-day challenges.

It will show the path of promotions:

For the majority of employees in an organization, being promoted at work is a result of the good performance they have performed, which is why many long for this step. With a clear organizational chart, everyone will be able to see the eventual path forward to continue growing in their workplace.

Types of organizational charts

There are various organizational charts depending on the structure of your company and the way you need to organize your staff. Therefore, we present three types of organization charts that you can use and create in Excel.

1. Hierarchical organization chart

The hierarchical organization chart is one of the most used in organizations. It is one that seeks to represent a descending order of positions in a company, that is, the most senior positions will be higher on the map, while the others will be broken down from this

2. Matrix organizational chart

A matrix structure is one in which employees have more than one manager and/or leaders. It is usually used in planning where the simultaneous participation of various departments is required, so it must report to the project leader, those in charge by area and also to management. 

3. Flat organizational chart

This organizational chart is used to represent those cases in which there are no intermediate positions and is made up of two positions: managers and collaborators. Graphically, the different areas are positioned from left to right, which represents that each team can decide for itself, giving more autonomy to each department.

As you can see, there are many types of graphic representations of the structures of a company. However, you should always keep in mind that in order to choose the one that works best for you, you must first analyze what type of hierarchical structure your organization has.

Keep reading so you know everything you need to take into account to make an organization chart in Excel.

Elements to consider when making an organization chart

For any type of organization chart you make, you must first be clear:

  • Chain of command or hierarchies of your organization.
  • Departments or areas within the company.
  • Responsibilities and functions.
  • Scope of control or the people in charge of each headquarters.

With these aspects in mind, we can move on to putting together the future organization chart of your company in Excel.

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