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Seven benefits of learning Excel

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Surely more than once you have heard or had to face Microsoft's wonderful tool. But how much do you really know her? Excel is a computer program created by Microsoft Corporation. It consists of application software that allows you to perform various and different financial, accounting, organizational and programming tasks through spreadsheets. In 1985, the first version of Excel appeared, and to this day it remains users' favorite tool when working with spreadsheets! That is why in this article we leave you seven indisputable benefits of learning Excel.

Do you know why Excel is one of the best-rated and most useful programs from Microsoft? Do you know its benefits? Have you ever imagined the advantages you would get if you learned how to use Excel or deepened your knowledge in this tool?

1. Excel improves productivity

Excel improves image productivity.

Without a doubt in today's world time is a highly precious commodity. We are required to do everything at an ever-increasing speed and to be more productive every day. However, our time is limited and we need to apply strategies that allow us to increase our efficiency.

What Excel does is reduce the time in which you prepare your tasks, managing to do a greater number of tasks in a specific time. It's like a time multiplication machine! Excel simplifies processes and optimizes our limited time. What would probably take you hours to calculate or do, Excel allows you to do it with just a few clicks and for a large amount of data, avoiding tedious and repetitive tasks.

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend fixing mistakes? When doing tasks or calculations by hand we inevitably incur them. Excel precisely reduces the possibility of errors through the mechanization of calculations.

Excel allows you to create quality reports in a very short time. It allows you to group and analyze information quickly, obtaining instant, clear and important analysis and results.

A study of The Key Cuts found that a worker can spend about 30% of their workday using Excel. On that 30%, you're already saving a lot of time compared to doing those tasks manually.

But what happens if that time spent in Excel is really not well spent?

Perhaps workers do not have the tools and knowledge necessary to take full advantage of Excel and increase their productivity in a real way.

This same study found that correctly using Excel shortcuts saves 10.7 minutes a day, 47 hours a year! Excel shortcuts can make you up to 4.5 times more productive.

Are you measuring the impact of this on your life?

Think that this time saving is just learning how to use Excel shortcuts correctly. Can you imagine how much more time you would save if you knew all the features of Excel? Can you imagine how much more productive you would be in your life or how much increase in productivity your company would have if your workers learned to use Excel correctly and effectively?

It is time in your life for you to start thinking about it.

2. Excel generates competitive advantages

Excel Competitive Advantages

We live in a world where there is a lot of competition in the job market. Companies increasingly ask for more requirements in jobs, making it more difficult to be selected for the job we want.

Companies choose workers with the best skills and knowledge. Without a doubt, having good use of Excel on your resume will be a competitive advantage over the rest of the applicants, which will make you more likely to be selected for the job you want.

A study by Capital One Financial Corp and Burning Glass Technologies mentions that within the 80% of job offers with medium skills, digital skills are required, these being mainly the use of spreadsheets and word processing.

This report concludes that digital skills such as the use of Excel have become a minimum requirement for medium-skill jobs in most sectors. The study notes that “technological illiteracy” is no longer a sustainable option for the modern worker.

Additionally, the report mentions that medium-skill, digitally intensive jobs are growing 2.5 times faster than non-digital jobs.

Excel digital skills requirement.

3. Excel allows you to increase your salary

Excel salaries increase photo.

The goal of the vast majority of employees is to obtain increasingly better salaries as they advance in their professional career.

The report of burning glass points out that by learning digital skills such as Excel that are in high demand in the market, employees are able to advance throughout their careers, increasing their attractiveness to the market.

The study mentions that digitally intensive medium-skill occupations pay wages on average 18% higher than for all other medium-skill jobs.

Along with this, they find that jobs that have one or more advanced digital skills such as Excel pay an hourly wage 38% more on average than non-digital medium-skill occupations and 22% more than occupations that require only digital software skills. productivity.

Therefore, mastery and good use of Excel is a key skill for finding a well-paying job. He also affirms it The Wall Street Journal following the Burning Class Technologies report.

4. Excel is a leading program

Excel leading program photo.

We have seen that in recent years we have had a great tendency to use big data software mainly to visualize data, analyze it and manipulate it.

According to Harvard Business Review Microsoft Excel remains the go-to program for people who want to work with data.

The magazine mentions that “Excel remains the only Microsoft product that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and 750 million knowledge workers around the world back up that claim every day.”

Therefore, we see that Excel is undoubtedly a leading tool, which is recognized worldwide for its multiple uses and which has no competitions.

5. Excel is a versatile and complete tool

Nowadays, we are used to using things that serve us for a large number of things. We look for multifaceted tools that are useful for a wide variety of tasks. Excel is a program that can be used to do what we want.

In Excel we can use a large number of formulas and functions. Excel has more than 500 functions. It has statistical, mathematical, trigonometric, logical, information, search and reference, financial, engineering, date and time functions. In each of these categories there are hundreds of functions that you can apply for different interests.

Plus, you can create any function you want and apply it!

But Excel is not just the formulas and functions.

It is a great tool for analyzing information with a large amount of data. You can summarize information, create tables, filter and select data, create charts, run reports, optimize, whatever you want!

If you want to go North, South, East or West, Excel will help you find the best way to get there correctly, quickly and efficiently.

6. Excel for all types of audiences

Excel for all types of photo audiences.

Whoever you are reading this blog, whatever age you are, whatever occupation you have, I assure you that Excel can help you in more than one aspect of your life.

The magic of Excel is that it does not discriminate in its use, it is accessible to everyone. It can help you in your tasks independent of who you are.

Are you young or old? You can carry out a correction and ordering of the accounting of your monthly expenses. Do you have a business? You can organize your income and expenses, along with graphing and analyzing the evolution of your company. Are you a university student? You can make a calendar with your evaluations quickly and easily. Are you a teacher? You can compare the achievement indicators of your students and plan your classes. Are you a researcher? You can analyze databases and present them clearly.

This is why Excel covers many needs whoever the user is.

7. Excel is easy to use

Best of all, you don't need to be an Einstein or a super genius to use Excel. The wonder of Excel is that it has a simple and friendly design so that it is easy to understand for everyone.

You just need to dedicate a little time, have adequate training, and most importantly, eager to learn!

So, what are you waiting for to become an Excel Ninja and boost your career?

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