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What are the best templates for companies in Excel?

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There is the possibility of using excel templates free in order to make the work of structuring any type of book much easier. Here we bring you the best.

What is a Microsoft Excel template?

When we open a new Excel document, we have a series of blank tables that we must fill out and format. In that sense, a template Microsoft Excel It is a customizable document that has a previous format and is oriented towards a specific use. 

Advantages of using Excel templates in your company

Using these resources in your company has advantages that will 100% boost your results. Likewise, if you want to know in depth about this topic you can find more information in our Excel course for companies.

Below we will detail some that we cannot leave out.

Save time and costs

The templates are preformatted documents, which helps us reduce everything related to time and costs. That is, we will only have to open the template and start entering our data, without spending too much time and money creating and preparing it.

Make fewer mistakes

If we have little knowledge of Excel, using a template will save us many errors. The process of entering formulas is especially vulnerable in this aspect and therefore, they are helpful in reducing errors.

Share the information

One of the characteristics of Excel It also affects the use of the templates and is the possibility for several users to work on them. In this way, the template administrator can block and make available the cells that should or should not be used by other users.

Update data

Excel templates are customizable documents and therefore updating data is really simple. We can replicate a template for several businesses or companies and it will all be a matter of entering the new data.

The best business templates in Excel

We have a wide range of free Excel templates available that can be used in various areas of the business world. If your organization is starting to grow, we will show you the best templates you can use for each area.

Excel templates to organize projects

These Excel templates are perfect for SMEs, businesses and small entrepreneurs looking for control and organization in the projects they carry out.

  • Expense sheet: with this template you will be able to keep track of and control the monthly expenses of the project, which also generates an annual summary. 
  • Work plan: a very useful template to visualize the pending activities of our project on a timeline and in order of priority.

Excel templates to manage finances

They are Excel templates for monitoring a company's expenses and income. With them you can organize everything related to the company's money.

  • Accounting book: if it is about finances, an accounting book cannot be missing. With this you will be able to maintain the proper balance between debit and credit.
  • Cash control: an Excel template with which you can record the verification of cash at the till, with sections for coins and bills.
  • Expense calendar: this is a history where you can record and later consult the expenses incurred by the company on any date.

HR Excel Templates

Human resources offices also have Excel templates available to make their tasks easier.

  • Shift scheduling: This is a schedule template in Excel that will make it much simpler to organize employees' check-in and check-out times.
  • Attendance record: an Excel template to control attendance of the staff of any company to be able to mark vacation days and obtain absenteeism statistics.

Excel Templates for Sales and Customers

Customers represent sales and we can track them from different Excel templates.

  • Sales report: a simple way to extract our sales data to obtain valuable information to improve or enhance results.
  • Sales process: this is an Excel template to follow up with our clients from the first contact until the sale is made.
  • Customer List: an Excel template aimed at organizing all your business customer data.

Marketing Management Excel Templates

We can also find free Excel templates aimed at marketing processes.

  • Marketing plan: a simple and perfect template to track each delivery of the market plan that has been proposed.
  • Competitor analysis: with this template you can obtain an analysis of your competitors, in order to find opportunities for improvement to enhance in your market.

Excel templates for stock and inventory control

Those looking for an easy way to track their product stock can rely on this free Excel template.

  • Warehouse inventory: a practical template where you can organize the locations of the products in your warehouse. It has options that enhance inventory control.

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