Ninja Excel BlogInterviews“Nothing more valuable than seeing how you build yourself through learning”

“Nothing more valuable than seeing how you build yourself through learning”

Paolo Pedraza

In the prelude to the webinar Training trends: How to empower your work teams? of Ninja Excel and Buk Colombia to be held this Thursday, May 19, we spoke with Paolo Pedraza, Head of Sales Colombia Ninja Excel, about his career in the e-learning industry and his professional and personal challenges.

With more than eight years of experience leading and developing teams in different industries, a Master in Marketing and Commercial Management from the Rey Juan Carlos University, Paolo Pedraza He is today the head of the Ninja Excel sales team in Colombia since his arrival in the country.

What did it feel like to know that you would be the Head of Sales when Ninja Excel arrived in Colombia?
Being able to take on a challenge of this size undoubtedly generates pride and a great feeling of commitment to achieving what we set out to do in these early phases. On a personal and corporate level, it is a challenge that we hope to overcome.

According to your vision, what are the main challenges in the e-Learning industry currently?
The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the entry of companies and collaborators into e-Learning platforms, but this has already existed for many years. In the past, people who opted for this modality did so out of necessity or conviction, but today it is almost a rule for everyone and the challenge is how to ensure that each person connects with this learning model, being able to develop tools and methodologies with experiences of high impact that captivate and generate value.

In the case of your career, what do you think is the biggest challenge you face?
In the different teams that I have had the opportunity to participate in, the biggest challenge has always been being able to connect with people, since they all have different motivations to achieve their greatest potential. Personally, I think that is the main role of a leader.

If you had to define yourself, what would be the three qualities you would choose?
I consider myself an empathetic person first and foremost and this allows me to better understand the needs and feelings of others. Secondly, I accompany this with assertive communication seeking to convey the message in the correct way. Finally, I would tell you that I have worked to have a holistic business vision through my capacity for strategic analysis, which has allowed me to develop projects from scratch in different industries.

If you could give advice to the Paolo of the past, what would you tell him?
Enjoy the day-to-day process and receive each experience as a learning experience because there is nothing more valuable than seeing how you have built yourself through it.

What would you say to people who have not yet registered for tomorrow's webinar?

Register now in our Web page since we will talk about what is happening today and what is going to happen in a few more months in the field of Learning & Development. Together with Camilo Mejía, Country Manager of Buk Perú, we have prepared and gathered the most relevant information on the market in training, so no one can miss this webinar. It will be very interesting.

Graduate in Social Communication and Journalist. Mainly creative before everything. Now writing about Excel and Human Resources for the common man.

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